Made in God’s Image

I recently read a Facebook (FB) post of a woman whose daughter no longer wanted to wear feminine clothes. The woman sounded frantic as she requested Bible verses that would stop her daughter’s behavior.  That FB post was not my first exposure to the heartache of transgender families. 

On the first day of his presidency, President Joe Biden signed an executive order allowing transgender rights to teen athletes. He said that his directive would “Prevent and combat discrimination against students based on gender identity or sexual orientation.” Even so, his executive order goes one step further by allowing transgender girls (males wanting to be females) to enter and use women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. It’s unbelievable. In years past, a boy dropping his pants in front of a girl would cause adults to question the young man’s intentions. Now the government has blessed the act and excused it, as not to contribute to the bigotry. What’s more astounding is that our daughters’ voices, which reject the intrusion of their male counterparts in their sports and locker rooms, have been silenced.

While researching this topic, I found a photo of a buxom teenager, about 19 years old, wearing a red one-piece bathing suit. At the top of both thighs lay a deep red scar that started from the left thigh across the pubic area and continuing to the other leg. The caption read, “Jazz Jennings proud to show off gender confirmation surgery scars.” In a recent episode of Jazz’s transformation TV series, Jazz enters the bathroom and then asks his mother how to urinate as a girl. “I can’t go. How do you go to the bathroom?” Jazz said, unsure how to urinate like a woman. The mother rolled her eyes and told the teen to relax. What else could she say to her son, whom she trained as a toddler, to urinate like a boy?

Surveys show that the transgender phenomenon amongst teens has exploded, and the number of young girls who are undergoing transgender treatments has increased 1000 percent! In the UK, it has blossomed by 3000 percent. Meanwhile, the media, public schools, and Instagram celebrate success stories of adults and children who have undergone gender transition. They also go as far as alluding to the fact that a transgender teen may achieve fame from their conversion.  

To further the transgender messaging, in September 2019, Mattel Toys introduced a brand of dolls called “Creatable World.” Six gender-neutral dolls with no curves, short brown hair, a black tank top, and black shorts stand ready for children to design them as any gender they choose. Note that the manufacturer is marketing the dolls to six-year-olds.

Taken from product page on Amazon

If only it were that easy to change clothes and create a different world for yourself. But it’s not. Mutilating our children will guarantee a future of sterility. As the transgender community ages, the desire to have a family may hit them with a painful realization of what occurred years before. (I can’t help but relate the dead wombs of these young girls to the dead babies’ women abort every year. Instead of producing life, our girl’s bodies are representing death.)

From now on, this is not a topic the Christian community can ignore. Gone are the days that parents needed only to speak to their preteen children about abstinence before marriage. Now that talk must cover the transgender dysphoria coming after them with an evil fierceness. 

Some parents will probably brush off the idea of speaking to their children about gender dysphoria as if it wouldn’t happen to them, but let me remind you of the FB woman who frantically asked for Bible verses to correct her daughter’s transgender behavior. She also is a believer, raising her children in the church. 

I know of several millennial women who have graduated, with honors, from a Christian college and then walked away from the Lord. These graduates embrace homosexuality, transgenderism, queer thoughts, and even pansexuality. Their parents are suffering and stated that they “never saw it coming.”

Some people will blame the college for their daughter’s rebellion, but the college did not fail their children. Society has actively exposed us to homosexuality and transgenderism to desensitize our conscience to the evils of this sin. And it looks like they’ve succeeded. 

So, where do we go from here? As I further dive into this topic, I would like to add more to this conversation next month. Meanwhile, I’d like to encourage believers in two things: 1. The transgender and gay community is our mission field. They need the gospel, not a shunning from former Christian friends. Nor do they need people to abandon them or yell, “You’re going to hell,” even though that is true. We need to trespass the fine line of compassion with the hard nose facts of the gospel. Not to share the love of Christ with someone trapped in this web of lies is an injustice. Slapping them with harsh language, abandonment, and even speaking about them to others will only turn them away from the truth. I admit it’s a fine line, but it’s a tactic we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us gauge. 2. We need to come alongside parents whose children have left the faith and embraced a lifestyle that rebels against God’s creation. These Christian parents need prayer. The battlefield is harsh, and Satan wants their children. The burden they bear is heavy, and they need our support. 

Let’s commit these issues to our Savior, and we’ll learn more next month.