I am Lizette Vega. I am a self-employed writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries from The Master’s College, and an Associate’s Degree in Journalism. I spent several decades investigating mortgage fraud and underwriting residential loans.

I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at seven years of age, after feeling the guilt of lying to my mother about drinking a can of concentrated orange juice. I was a wretched sinner and knew God had a place in hell for me. Granted, I had a flair for the melodramatics, but I understood the gospel. I gave my life to Christ and felt relief for my guilt.

However, in my teens, I experienced severe bullying and abuse. I wanted to die and go to heaven. In God’s presence, I knew no one would ever hurt me, and I would find rest. The day before I attempted to take my life, I went to church with my family and sat in the back row. I did not pay attention to the pastor and kept counting the hours to my demise. Suddenly, a roar of laughter from the congregation caught my attention. Wanting to participate in the joy, I listened to the pastor, but instead of sharing another joke, he said, “You know if you want to end your life, you never trusted in God. I challenge you to read your Bible and pray for 60 days. If things do not change, come see me.”

Surprised, I wondered how he knew my plans. However, the Lord had providentially orchestrated that moment so that I would take his challenge, although I desired to prove him wrong. I knew my circumstances would not turn for the better (in fact, they worsen). Even so, I changed. I found comfort in the Bible. I sought wisdom in God’s Word, and it helped me stay the course.

Honestly, there were days that I quoted Job 13:5a, “Though he slays me, yet will I trust in him,” and days that I found myself in tears. Nevertheless, the 60-day challenge stirred my heart and led me to a lifetime journey of learning about my Savior.

A Tree Firmly Planted is a result of years of seeking the Lord, and asking him for wisdom.